Kenyan Projects

Ichuga Dispensary

Nanyuki, Kenya

By Jeremiah Kimani Karanja, 8 November, 2007

The leaders under the chairmanship of the area Chief. Continued the first meeting on 11 May, 2005. Main agenda being to find out the problems affecting the community within the area. After a lengthy discussion we came out with a resolution, of having a dispensary within our area, after considering the distance to the district hospital. The existing health centres surrounding our area, are at a distance of 4 to 5 Kms away during emergency cases. A patient is forced to hire a car at a cost not affordable by the community.

After the leaders deliberations, we decided to convene another meeting inviting the community. Where by they confirmed our deliberations positively. So we all agreed to construct a dispensary, at our only public utility land plot No. 52 measuring 2 acres.

As the community had no funds to construct the project, we the leaders backed by the community, decided to write proposals to Nanyuki Municipal Council in request for funding. They responded positively and released Ksh 5 million through the local authority Transfer Fund, which is inadequate to complete the project.

We would be grateful if we could be assisted in getting more donations to complete our dispensary. Staff housing, life saving drugs and medical supplies, and a water storage tank.

Since the area is semiarid we hope to dig up a bore-hole, build a Nursery School, meeting hall, and a Library for the development of the area.