Kenyan Projects

Kumekucha Youth Resource Centre

Nairobi, Kenya

By Rozie Kirika, 6 October, 2007

Kumekucha Youth Resource Centre is a project created to help Kenyan youth find inspiration, access information and ensure that the youth master technology as a source of employment, for others and themselves. At the same time advancing their skills and knowledge about innovation and technology. The project is a platform to expand opportunities for youths in Kenya, its main goal is to inspire and involve the youth.

In third world countries like Kenya barely two percent of the population has Internet access with fewer than ten telephone lines for every a hundred inhabitants. The youth are the leading group in this field but given the support, opportunities, and in fractures they present more innovative efforts that promote health, rural development and education. The project is located in the poverty stricken Eastland's of Nairobi where capabilities to eligible and affordable innovation and technology is impossible to find.

Youth living in Eastland's are alienated and this has left them lacking knowledge on how to even operate a computer, in this era of high quality technology and innovation. Many youths have been trained at the centre but still await employment, having more room and resources would expand the centre and its progress.



Coordinator: Carolyne Okello

Kumekucha Youth Self Help Group
P.O. BOX 13695-00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya


Mobile: +254 20 550278 / +254 722 676267