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Victoria Njau

Miss Kenya USA 2008

By Victoria Njau, 6 September, 2008

Twenty-three years ago I was born to a Luo mother and a Kikuyu father. But it was my mother who raised me. I grew up in a small village whose culture consisted of traditional rituals and taboos. The outside world was non-existent. But slowly I found myself introduced to the ways of the modern world. My educational journey started out with me attending one of the most prestigious schools in Kenya. I excelled in my studies, graduated and continued my journey to the United States to study medicine. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas where I am pursuing a B.S. degree with a double major in Biology and Business Management. After graduation, I aspire to continue my education by attending medical school. I plan to achieve my ultimate goal of being a well-educated woman who can make meaningful contributions to individuals everywhere. I hope at some point to enter the political arena in Kenya with the goal of serving the interest of the people.

My heartfelt need is to assist and attempts to make a difference in the lives of others. This has been a driving force in my charitable endeavours. I have been blessed with great sponsors here in the United States who has provided financial support for my charitable endeavours. In collaboration with them, I have been given the opportunity to aid in the education of four students back in my home school in Kenya. I have been able to provide educational supplies for students and have opened the Victoria Harvard Academy, a primary school and the Victoria Medical Centre, for the benefit of the people in my village. The medical centre provides treatment with limited monetary exchange. Treated patients pay for the services provided with agricultural produce, and a limited supply of food for the school. I believe one does not need to be rich to help others and I try to make a difference every day in this regard, I put that belief to practice by volunteering at a shelter in Dallas, teaching reading and English, and by making small donations of food and clothing.

As newly crowned Miss Kenya USA 2008-2009, my desire is to make more contributions to the people of Kenya, and to be a spokesperson for the Kenyan community in America. I will focus on changing the lives of orphans in my village and keeping my already established charitable endeavours funded and operating smoothly. If I am crowned Miss Africa USA 2008-2009, I will seek more sponsorship and support to continue making positive changes in the lives of Africans. I plan to be a spokesperson in promoting education, reducing domestic violence and improving health care. My desire is to give hope to Africans in need with a special emphasis on orphans. I am encouraged to toil to the very edge of my limit and reach beyond.


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