Kenyan Models

Fridah Wanjiku

Modelling Is Not Only A Hobby


By Fridah Wanjiku, 18 July, 2007

Name is Fridah Wanjiku; twenty-one year old aspiring model and actress located in VA/DC/MD area. I am Nairobi born and raised in both Nakuru and Nairobi. Even though I am not in Kenya, I still have not forgotten my traditions. I live with my parents in Virginia and I have 2 siblings. A seventeen year old sister and a four year old brother. They are the loves of my life, I am currently going to school: (Political Science) as my major. My intentions are to work in Africa for Africa to make it a better place. Especially, I like working with young children.

Modelling is not only a hobby but also my passion and I am planning to pursue it further. My idols include Liya Kebede, Iman and Alek Wek who are strong women representing East Africa in the fashion world. I have done some modelling in my city and would like to take it up a notch. I like to hang out with friends, shop, eat out and chill with my family. I am serious about my work, but I also like to have fun with it! I have such an outgoing personality and my friends call me Kenyan Dymme, which is sorta like a Diva only, I do not have the bad Diva attitude so my stage name is Kenyan Dymme!

As we know, all work and no play, my aim is to change the world from all aspects, beauty being included. As Luda said “the best women reside in Africa” and I am walking proof. A lot of Kenyan women do not know how beautiful they are. We are blessed with so much beauty as well as brains. I would eventually like to gain International exposure. I have been doing this for about a year now and finishing school and moving back home to Kenya is my goal. As for now I can only visit periodically.

NB: I will be coming to Kenya in mid December, and would as well like to do some work and get exposure. I would like to be featured in music videos, radio, plays, commercials and any exposure work available. So, artist if you like what you see get at me! I will be staying for at least two months and longer if everything goes as planned.