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» Pauline Long Empowerment And Mentoring Club
Recently awarded two (2) Lifetime Achievement awards by UKAA and HUHO, Pauline Long is a Kenyan born UK based entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, mentor, motivational speaker, writer, Music video director/producer and TV presenter. Pauline Long's positive role modelling has also earned her the highest African Recognition Honour and Heroic Award, alongside Her Excellency the President of...

By Meet Kenyans, 12 May, 2014
» Diva Discovery
She is also one of the leading karaoke hostess & equipment provider in the country and organises karaoke shows for members of 'Diva Discovery.' An organisation she founded in October 2007, that aims to empower and equip the young and talented woman realise, initialise and maximise her full potential in the arts. Especially create a society in which young women from rural marginalised and...

By Hottensiah Muchai, 26 November, 2009
» His Inspiring Untold Story Exclusive
I don't know about you, but I remember the days when I used to go to the village (shags) to cucus-grandma's (R.I.P.) of my father's side to stay with her for weeks in some thatched-old-school mud house. For breakfast we had to drink black tea Turungi aka True Tea aka black tea. With the tea, she would peel me off a dome of a Duma (Yam) and Gwaci (Sweet-Potato) from lunch the day before and had to munch on that till I finished.

By Bethuel Mbugua, 25 May, 2009