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Princess Shanice

By Meet Kenyans, 25 July, 2011

Princess Shanice born 11 September, 1986 in Meru, Kenya is an upcoming musician, model and song writer. She started singing at her early age and she describes music as the first commandment. At the age of 8 years old she attended Catholic Church where she taught other youths to sing and dance. Shanice was a choir leader and she says that people in her village recognised her as a young musician with heart.

Music has always been my first love says Princess, when I woke up in the morning I first sang songs of praises thanking Jah for his loving and kindness. I had nobody to listen to me, so all I did was sing and let the world hear my voice. Nobody gave me any attention, but through gospel, I sang and everybody could recognise me. They listened to the messages describe me as a lucky kid because life has never been easy for me. All the same, God has helped me carry on every single day, and I had nothing to offer him but to use the talent he gave me to spread the message to the world.

Whenever I had stress, I started singing and at the end of the day, and I was the happiest gal. I also thank my Granny (R.I.P) who gave me support in everything I did. She woke me up every Sunday to go to church, and she made sure that I went to school every day. She always use to tell me even if the world hates you, one day you are going be a shining star. She gave me a chance to invite youths at our compound together to sing. I was always the boss because I was older than them.

I tried always to teach them to obey God and they listened to me. At school whenever I had a break, I wrote songs instead of playing with other young people. Always had much to tell the world and had no chance in those days, but I knew one day I am going spread the message worldwide.

Music has been really always my first love I could not and still cannot do anything without music. I just wonder how the world could be without music.



Chris: When did you start singing?

Princess: I started singing at the age of 7 years old. But since 2006 I have been trying to make something out of my music rather than a hobby.

Chris: Princess tell us, are you married, do you have kids and which town/country are you based in?

Princess: Married? Oh no I am not married and I don’t have kids either. Since I came to Germany, I have been based all this time in Berlin.

Chris: Is it easy to become a star?

Princess: Becoming a star is not an easy thing, you must first convince your fans. I really admire people that made it because I know in our society, we are living in every young person who wants to become star. So things are really tuff, but if you believe in what you do than you surely gonna make it. Anyway nothing is easy in this world.

Chris: Do you make a living with your music?

Princess: What a question! As I said it is not easy to become a star. And in Germany to survive one must have a good job. So, apart from music I have my normal job I do. But, I also earn a little money from my music and I make sure to perform at least 3 times a month. I am working on a new music project and when it is done, I am gonna produce it in Africa.

Chris: I heard you had a great show on 16 July 2011 in Berlin. So, tell us how it was and who organised the event?

Princess: Aahahha! On 16 July 2011 was just a test to convince my German fans. Robert Schütze is a German model; musicians manager. He saw potential in me and was ready to work with me. I had to prove to him what I am doing is what I love doing most. Had to prove this before we sign a contract so that we both can make sure that it is the right thing. Actually the show was organised by someone else but he linked me up with the organiser.

Chris: Tell us some more about this show?

Princess: It was really great performing for the first time at a Germany party and the fans went crazy. I never expected something like that. My mum gave me support, and also the crew I worked with was great. Robert my manager also did a great job and took care of me. The people who were there gave me a star feelings. I swear I was confused cause since I have been performing, I never had crazy fans like Germans. I love my German fans so much. That was just the beginning and I am working so hard to give them a better show. It was my best show ever since I started singing and an unforgettable day.

Chris: I was also told that you never had a manager before? What is it like to work alone without a manager?

Princess: Yes, I never had a manager before. I use to beg people to give me a chance to perform. Some misused me because they knew I wanted to come up. Some just laughed at me. I can really assure you that without a manager nothing is going to work. Now that I have a manager, I am glad because he is going to make sure that I have shows every time. I am out of the game of begging to perform. My work now is just to concentrate on new songs and etc. and I am so thankful and thank Jah almighty for everything he has done for me. Without him am nothing. He is the master key.

Chris: Your story is really touching. By the way do you plan to get married? If yes when and who is the Mr. Right?

Princess: Ahahahhahha! Of course I am planning one day to get married. I really cannot tell because I first must find Mr. Right.

Chris: What type of music do you sing?

Princess: I sing Reggae, Dancehall and Rap. But I am now concentrating more on Reggae music because I love Reggae.

Chris: I see you are having a Rastafarian handcuff does it has any meaning or its just a style?

Princess: This question is really tuff. I describe myself as a Rastafari/Natty, before I use to hide who I am because I was scared that people would think I am crazy. But now I do not care, and I do not hide my personality anymore. One must not have dreadlocks to be a Rasta. It just a Devine conception of the heart just has “Morgan Heritage” sang. All the same I have dreadlocks because I love who I am and “Being a Rasta” is not bad. I also want people to recognise and take me the way I am. That is what is up Chris.

Chris: So, when is your first album out and when are you gonna start your own tour? It is going to be nice seeing you on the stage. By the way I am your biggest fan princess.

Princess: Thank you Chris! Right now, I am working on it and I am going to make sure that it is done before January next year. I am working with my manager to bring out new songs before the album is done. About the tour may be next year. First when the album is done.

Chris: I heard you also model and dance?

Princess: Yes, I do everything that has to do with media. I write my music myself, I sometimes model whenever I have time. Or when I need some pocket money. I guess every musician should be able to dance and so should I.

Chris: What is your advice to youths out there?

Princess: The only advice I can give youths is to obey Jah. Also to listen to their hearts whatever they want to do. And if they want to serve they should be wiling to obey. The young generation must know and feel free to speak their minds. And don’t you forget Babylon, so wicked, so you better repent and follow Jah´s way. That what kept and still keeps me going on and on because I am a God fearing person.

Chris: What about musicians?

Princess: Musicians should set a good example to society. They should also bring out songs that can help young people. As a public image one should also be clean and not abuse drugs because young people always adopt the stars life styles and end up into drugs and also killing. Such a pity! I won’t be proud seeing my young siblings fall into drugs and stuff like that. So, I teach young ones to be good and say no to drugs. So not forgetting “Amy Wine House” who died because of drugs and alcohol. She was very young to die. So please listen to this advice and don’t be cheated that drugs can solve your problems.

Chris: It was nice having you here in the studio princess. I wish you all the best with your music career, keep up the good work and continue teaching youths. See you soon Princess.

Princess: I thank you for having me here. My last words to all my fans out there. Thank you for being my fans and to all the youths out there. Never fear to express yourself, and always remember to put Jah first and the rest comes after. Keep checking at your gal. Bless and Love you all. Rasta far High.

Princess Shanice


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