Kenyan Entertainment

Keeping It Real

Kate Ojiambo

By Kate Ojiambo, 7 July, 2007

The much-awaited official Kate MySpace page is finally here. Much to the delight of her fans who have been supporting her while in “absentia.” In absentia because many had heard her music but not too many knew who lay behind that powerful voice. A voice, a character that is definitely one to watch out for, judging from the attention and buzz she seems to have so-notoriously mastered to create from her songs. Songs, most of which tend to favour the more controversial aspects of life, which she cleverly but honestly likes to refer to as “Keeping It Real.” Of course, when not writing controversial songs like “Shikamboo and Chali Yako,” she is working on more subtle-ended messages in song, with topics as diverse as life itself, like love, politics and immigration among others.

Kate's youthful life as a teenager speaks volumes, and offers a clear explanation about what she has turned out to be. Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, the “throw-back” version of Kate is not your typical “softy” little girl, obsessed with bunny and Barbie girl. “Tomboy” was her middle name. Like many other present-day successful divas, she started out singing in school and church choirs. And still like many other present-day successful divas, Gospel music was not what you would call her natural calling, of course, to the disappointment of many hard-core believers of the “sanctity of music.” Well, what do you sincerely expect of someone whose very inspiration is drawn from the legendary Beyonce Knowles? Ask her why Beyonce and she will give you the occasional “duh!!!” and unleash some runway-like gestures and body manoeuvres meant to imply something to the effect that she measures up to her. Not only can she sing, she also has “the look.” “The look,” that which every major-label talent scout worth noting takes into great account as probably top on the list of priorities.