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I Cannot Do Anything Without Music



By Winnie Mukiri, 24 July, 2007

Real name Winnie J. Mukiri; I was born 1986 in Kenya, but raised up in Berlin city in Germany.

I started singing and dancing at the age of seven in the church. I was a choirmaster. So, everyday I woke up, I can't do anything without music, I was also performing live whenever I had a chance. Later on my family realised that it was a talent, which no one could take away from me. So, my parents took me to Music School where I learned dancing and singing. After I joined my family in Germany, I did not go direct to Music School; I went to a German School to learn the language first before I took any further step. After I had finished, I studied Hotel Management, which I finished the year of 2005. At this time I had no chance to make music because it was not an easy thing. So, what I did is, I was trying to perform at the parties and clubs. I tried also to write lyrics by myself.

In 2006 a star from Tanzania called (Mr. Nice) was in Berlin for a show. As he saw me dancing he said he would like me to dance at his concert. So, that is where many people also from Kenya and Germany noticed my music and dance career, which I had been learning years and years. As a young woman being in show business is not easy, but what makes it easy is, if you have a loving family or parents who always are there for you and helping you to cope with stress you may be having and you're appreciated as a good singer or rapper. In this case I can say my parents were my best friends who helped me out never to give up, they loved what I was doing and this what makes someone to keep on improving cause nobody in your family is against what you are doing.

Through (Mr. Nice) I got a chance to go with him for a tour around Europe. After I went home to Kenya to fix some music project, which was not easy. I never gave up as I went home; I had a chance to perform at my hometown (Milimani Club Dimples) in Meru where I met Kenyan stars (Boomba Clan) that was also performing there. I got this chance to dance at their concert and my name was getting bigger and bigger. I recorded my first song with my cousin in Kenya and then I came back to Germany. After I came back it was still not easy to get into the music business, but I never gave up because I knew my talent was a true gift given by Jehovah. So, instead of going to Music School again, I continued with my school where I learned nursing which later helped me to pay for my music. I continued to perform in clubs until one friend of mine told me that she has a friend who can record my songs. While I did just as she said and went and recorded my second song.

Music is not just singing but also thinking what will the fans think about it, will they like the songs or not, being in the music business needs a lot of time and energy. Right now I'm working on my album, which will be released later in December, and then I will have a tour in Europe and in Africa. I hope and pray (Jehovah-God) to help me to do what is right and to continue making music. My last word to all fans and people who like to be singers or musicians, if you know you can sing and no one noticed that you can, never give up! Because the time you give it up, it can be the right time for you to get a chance or ideas from people who know about music. So, giving up in music can make a lot of talented people loose their chance. Better keep on fighting and for sure one day you will see good resorts of your hard work.

Jaywaka aka Princess

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