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MC Patow

By Meet Kenyans, 14 March, 2009

MC Patow, another rapper who hales from Kenya in Nairobi city. MC Patow has worked with such artistes as Doobeez, Wawesh, Willy G, Shaki and Kentai. Not to mention he has been a good friend since we first met in 2006 in Nairobi, later in Nanyuki MC Patow was at my wedding 14th of July 2006. Thank you for being there we appreciated your support! MC Patow has presented himself with a unique style, defiantly different from others coming out of Kenya; MC Patow has been around for some time and knows the business well.

I have been waiting to conduct an interview with MC Patow for a long time now, finally out of his busy schedule he authorises Meet Kenyans a chance to go forward with his interview. You can buy MP3s from MC Patow through the online store that has been listed below under “Other Media.”

Meet Kenyans: First, I would like to say thank you "Patow" for this opportunity for an interview.

MC Patow: Thanks a lot Keith and thanks for this interview.

Meet Kenyans: Karibu.

Meet Kenyans: What part of Kenya are you from?

MC Patow: I'm from Nairobi City, the capital city of The Republic of Kenya.

Meet Kenyans: When did you get started in making music? What inspired you to make music?

MC Patow: Music has been in my blood ever since I was born. I don't remember getting into it. The love for it is what inspired me to make it.

Meet Kenyans: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

MC Patow: Afro Hip Hop! Among the artistes that inspired me when I was growing up was LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Tupac and B.I.G just to name a few.

Meet Kenyans: I have seen you in one music video "Watasema." Do you have plans to make music videos from your own music in the future?

MC Patow: I have done several videos that are due to be released by mid April together with my debut album.

Meet Kenyans: Do you have your own music label or have you signed with an organisation?

MC Patow: Yea, I'm signed to a music label. I'm signed to "Stars Limit" of Germany, but in Kenya currently I'm working with "Gido Kibukosya" Kenya's legendary producer that made Kenyan stars like Bamboo, Abas Kubaff, Mercy Myra, Kayamba Afrika and Zannaziki just to name a few.

Meet Kenyans: Where do you come up with your material before producing a new song? What inspires you to write?

MC Patow: Most of my lyrics are things that happen in our everyday life. Mostly inspired by real life experiences.

Meet Kenyans: Could you briefly describe the music-writing process?

MC Patow: Inspirations! I cannot write if I'm not inspired by anything. I'm also good in free styling but I don't like recording serious music like that.

Meet Kenyans: Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows in 2009?

MC Patow: I've performed in so many venues but my most favourite was Redsky Auditorium in Jo-Burg South Africa. I have several upcoming tours in Europe, America and Asia with some of the biggest and best African artistes like K'naan, Jal, Proverb and Zola of South Africa.

Meet Kenyans: How often do you rehears in the studio or rehears with other rappers?

MC Patow: I'm a studio engineer and Music producer by profession working on the Side of Gido Kibukosya. I'm always in the studio, therefore I get to work and rehearse with so many artistes from time to time.

Meet Kenyans: How has your music evolved since you first began?

MC Patow: My music's graph is going up well and I got to keep it rising so I can be able to coupe with the competition around.

Meet Kenyans: What has been your biggest challenge? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

MC Patow: First, when I got into the rap scene.

Meet Kenyans: What advice do you have for Kenyans who want to break into the music business in Kenya?

MC Patow: They should just work hard by pushing their music and putting it out there, and they should never give up at all. This life is an uphill struggle everybody got to sweat for it to see light in the end of the tunnel.

Meet Kenyans: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music and to be able to buy it?

MC Patow: Its easy they can get my music from, iTunes, AOL Music, Yahoo Music, and Apart from those in Kenya, they can get my music from all Numetro and Uchumi stores.

Meet Kenyans: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

MC Patow: Yea, my mum, dad and Gido.

Meet Kenyans: How often do you travel inside and outside of Kenya for performances?

MC Patow: I'm always on the move. I travel so many times.

Meet Kenyans: BOOTLEGS! There are some Kenyans selling your music illegally. How does it make you feel when (Bootleggers) are making profits and you don't benefit from the illegal income being generated?

MC Patow: That really gets on my nerves, I don't want to talk about it.

Meet Kenyans: Born and raised in Kenya. What do you like best about Kenya? What do you like the least about Kenya?

MC Patow: Home sweet home!!! I like Kenya coz everything moves first unlike other African countries. The least I like about Kenya is politics and corruption. That really pulls us back.

Meet Kenyans: Any last words?

MC Patow: Yea...One Love! Everyone!!!

Interview by Meet Kenyans

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