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By Influx, 3 May, 2008

The Jamox Complex is an entertainment company, which is set to be even bigger than the G-Unit in the near future. It contains all the personalities in the entertainment industry. Currently, the concerned parties are holding talks to big names in the entertainment industry worldwide to join the Complex under a favourable contract. The Complex is composed of several independent elements like the J.I.E (Jamox International Edit) to produce music, music videos and movies. The M.G.I (Men of Great Intelligence) who are musicians, writers, producers, directors, scriptwriters, J2B (Jamox Basket Ballers) a basketball team, dancers, DJs, actors and actresses. After the release of his mini album late last year, Influx has been in the studio to produce more songs. The 20 year old has yet released another single called “Last Night” which is a story of one harsh clubbing night. The musician who is a Co-producer in the “Jamox International Edit” and the president of the Jamox Complex said that the song is based on a true story. Last Night now joins songs like Ongea Dada, Tulia, Promise, Wazim, I've Been Away and Pamoja in the mini album CD. He said that the album will be out in a year's time and all the remaining songs, which should be in the mini album “Ndani Yangu”, are also tight.


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