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A Kenyan Performance: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Boys Choir of Kenya

By Meet Kenyans, 21 April, 2008

I booked a flight from Seattle's Sea-Tac International Airport to MSP International Airport, then onto Schiphol Amsterdam Airport where I would catch my last flight to Nairobi, Kenya. I had a four-hour layover in Amsterdam, plus an extra one-hour flight delay waiting outside KLM gate F2. I was waiting with everyone else mostly Kenyans coming from the States, Canada and elsewhere. I sat next to a family who came from Buffalo, New York heading home to Kenya to spend some time with family and friends.

We all got the call for KLM gate F2 to start walking through the queue, so that we can be seated for boarding on flight NW 8565/*KL 565 to Nairobi. Not long after that maybe ten to fifteen minutes right after everyone entered the gate. One of the KLM employees announced on the intercom that “we are going to have some free entertainment, which these young men from Kenya are going to perform for you.

Humphrey Ajuoga a young staff who seemed to be the lead and announced that they are the “BOYS CHOIR OF KENYA.” Immediately about twenty of his group members announced, they were going to sing a few songs and they did with some dance moves to enhance the free entertainment. Singing with so much excitement, you could tell they loved doing what they did so well. People outside the gate as well inside including me started to take pictures of these young men, who grabbed the attention of so many people.

Even the KLM employees had digital cameras of their own and got in on the action. After the third and final song I spoke to Humphrey, he was a very humbled and well-mannered young man to each person he spoke too. He was telling me the choir just got back from touring in the United States and now heading back to Kenya. They were all wearing dark shirts and pants and there was even a young woman with them, however, she did not perform with the boys choir.

I had let Humphrey know that I was going to put this experience on the Meet Kenyans Web site in late April. I mean how often anybody gets entertainment like this sitting in an Airport. Humphrey went to the “Director: Mr. Joseph Muyale Inzai from the BOYS CHOIR OF KENYA.” Joseph came to me and introduced himself, telling me thank you for your support with helping to promote the choir. I said no problem, while getting his contact information for future dialogue.

A trip that I thought was going to be boring all the way to Nairobi, turned out to be a great socialising event with other Kenyans plus the free entertainment made it that much better. Well it did get even better then that actually. We flew on a Boeing 747 and there were only around 147 passengers. The plane was half-full after takeoff and many of the passengers including myself had five rows of seats for each passenger, making it easy to stretch out for the eight-hour flight to Nairobi.

This was the best flight experience!


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