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Selections From The Congregation

Barnabas Wamao


By Barnabas Wamao, 14 August, 2007

Praise the Lord!

Indeed, it is a joy being Sons and Daughters of a living Father. My name is Barnabas, coming to you all the way from Kenya. Quickly let me just share something with you, Matt 25:14-30 is the reason I am doing this and it were not so I know FOR SURE Verse 29 of Matt is going to get me bad.

I have loved to sing since childhood, my father is a singer and composer, (Like father like son) and if some of you have heard, "IZRI GROUP" my father is the man behind the music. Right now, I am working on Solid Hymns. Originals to follow, and this album I call it ‚ÄúSelections from the Congregation‚ÄĚ - meaning these were songs chosen by individuals from church congregation.

My aim at the moment is to reach all my wonderful young people out there and let them know how sweet it is to be in church. Now if you've always liked church but have not been able to find somebody to support you, I'm making this for you and for the backsliders, Jesus will always Love you no matter what! Listen to that song "All To Jesus I Surrender" and indeed he does want you to give it all to him. Enjoy. Thank you.

P.S. Remember this is NOT the complete version of the song, sounds and instruments are being edited.




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