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» The Other Tribes
Name is Clarice Otieno; born in a family of four, started acting at a young age, she started doing poems in class 4, and later developed an interest in Entertainment, she later joined and participated in the school drama team. Her dreams did not stop there, when she enrolled in high school, she did the same and scooped herself several awards including first runners up best actress, and best actress awards.

By Clarice Otieno, 17 July, 2015
» Lovebird
Multi-talented artist Miriam Chemmoss hails from East-Africa. She spent her formative years between Tanzania and Kenya where she was steeped in a potent brew of her family’s diverse African, European and Middle-Eastern cultural heritage. As a teen, Miriam was involved in theatre and music programmes in every school she attended – close to 10 schools – as a result of frequent relocation due to her father’s military career.

By Meet Kenyans, 24 May, 2014
» Nimepata Mpenzi live @ Licht und Luft Bar - 16 July, 2011
Whenever I had stress, I started singing and at the end of the day, and I was the happiest gal. I also thank my Granny (R.I.P) who gave me support in everything I did. She woke me up every Sunday to go to church, and she made sure that I went to school every day. She always use to tell me even if the world hates you, one day you are going be a shining star. She gave me a chance to invite youths at our compound together to sing.

By Princess Shanice, 25 July, 2011
» Where Perception Isn't Reality
This documentary is predicated on a little journey I took throughout some of the most prominent areas of Kenya. The main purpose of this short documentary was to show how much of a rich Country Kenya is, and how Kenyans as a people are some of the most creative beings in the world. The motivation behind this concept came while travelling into Kenya on the airplane.

By Samuel Mwangi Muriithi, 3 June, 2009
» Interview with Rap Artiste: MC Patow
MC Patow, another rapper who hales from Kenya in Nairobi city. MC Patow has worked with such artistes as Doobeez, Wawesh, Willy G, Shaki and Kentai. Not to mention he has been a good friend since we first met in 2006 in Nairobi, later in Nanyuki MC Patow was at my wedding 14th of July 2006. Thank you for being there bro! MC Patow has presented himself with a unique style, defiantly different from others...

By Meet Kenyans, 14 March, 2009
» Exclusive Online Interview: Boomba Clan
One of the most entertaining groups to come out of East Africa in Kenya is no other than Boomba Clan. Since the first time I was in Kenya to be married in 2006. I heard the sounds of Boomba Clan on the radio, television, nightclubs and dining out in restaurants with the smashing hit "Chonga Viazi." Their style reminded me of solo singer - comedian "Weird Al Yankovic" from the US.

By Meet Kenyans, 3 March, 2009
» Interview with Rap Artiste: Dezyne
My name before this was PharaohD. It was a powerful name, but I felt like it was tainted by the music I made under it, so I followed the age-old African tradition of changing names when one finds a new path in life as a symbol of rebirth. To make things short, I sat down with a dictionary looking at words trying to find a meaningful one and when I reached "design" in the dictionary, it meant "creation, purpose in mind, work of art."

By Meet Kenyans, 6 February, 2009
» Jamox Complex
The M.G.I (Men of Great Intelligence) who are musicians, writers, producers, directors, scriptwriters, J2B (Jamox Basket Ballers) a basketball team, dancers, DJs, actors and actresses. After the release of his mini album late last year, Influx has been in the studio to produce more songs. The 20-year-old has yet released another single called "Last Night" which is a story of one harsh clubbing night.

By Influx, 3 May, 2008
» A Kenyan Performance: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
A trip that I thought was going to be boring all the way to Nairobi, turned out to be a great socialising event with other Kenyans plus the free entertainment made it that much better. Well it did get even better then that actually. We flew on a Boeing 747 and there were only around 147 passengers. The plane was half-full after takeoff and many of the passengers including myself had five rows of...

By Meet Kenyans, 21 April, 2008
» Don't Stop: Won The Kisima Awards
At the age of ten Ida started singing and performing on her own and attending show cases where she won some and lost some. At the age of thirteen a Hollywood Producer who signed her to a recording contract for three years spotted her singing at a school function. Under this producer Ida blossomed and made several potential hit songs. The lack of finances to promote and market Ida was frustrating...

By Ida Onyango, 23 August, 2007
» Selections From The Congregation
My aim at the moment is to reach all my wonderful young people out there and let them know how sweet it is to be in church. Now if you've always liked church but have not been able to find somebody to support you, I'm making this for you and for the backsliders, Jesus will always Love you no matter what! Listen to that song "All To Jesus I Surrender" and indeed he does want you to give it all to him.

By Barnabas Wamao, 14 August, 2007
» I Cannot Do Anything Without Music
I started singing and dancing at the age of seven in the church. I was a choirmaster. So, everyday I woke up, I can't do anything without music, I was also performing live whenever I had a chance. Later on my family realised that it was a talent, which no one could take away from me. So, my parents took me to Music School where I learned dancing and singing. After I joined my family in Germany,...

By Winnie Mukiri, 24 July, 2007
» Keeping It Real
The much-awaited official Kate MySpace page is finally here. Much to the delight of her fans who have been supporting her while in "absentia." In absentia because many had heard her music but not too many knew who lay behind that powerful voice. A voice, a character that is definitely one to watch out for, judging from the attention and buzz she seems to have so-notoriously mastered to create from her songs.

By Kate Ojiambo, 7 July, 2007
» My Passion Had Begun
In the year 2000, I left for the United States and spent the next five years working with various theatre and stage artists on various projects. One such was (KALI MA) a ritual theatre experience that was produced by Emery Lauten, and which involved original poetry, dance, music and percussion. This was actually one of the richest experiences for me, because I was able to bring to the table elements of my own...

By Vqee, 10 June, 2007