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Grace Haukwa

By Grace Haukwa, 8 July, 2007

Leadership is not only fundamentally about communication and dialog, it is also about having a dream, a vision and being able to develop a shared sense of destiny while showing others how they can realize their own hopes and desires within that vision. This is exactly what Grace Haukwa the founder of NabTry International Cultural Dancers (NICD) had in sculpture when she created NabTry dancers.

Grace was born and raised in Naivasha, Kenya a BEAUTIFUL Country on the Eastern part of Africa. She grew up with strong family ties and instilled cultural values that she lives by day to day. HER GOAL IS TO CONTINUE THE CYCLE, TO GIVE BACK AND TO TEACH THE SAME VALUES TO ALL. With a vision based on her passion for dance and how ladies and men could be portrayed in the world of entertainment she elevated cultural dance to a higher level. With this vision, Grace always believes in full ability to extend talent. Never limit ourselves because society is influencing a written standard, the perception on limited power, and artificial limitation. Instead of being a prisoner of our society just look deep inside ourselves and reach that power within to maximize our ability to achieve what we can unconditionally. Each human being was created with a set of asset. It is up to us to retrieve the best of what we have to put into surface of humanity.

Grace continues to dedicate her time to build African culture and she has created a strong force of network dancers to be able to help musicians find back up cultural dancers for not only music videos but also for concerts and cultural events such as weddings, parties, cultural spokesperson etc. In overall Grace took NabTry and her own experiences through a magical love for performance and inner personal power. Along with other dancers in her group, she has done numerous cultural events with artists around the globe and her dance group has been one of the highlighted groups invited to perform for three years in a row at the IRAWMA (International Reggae And World Music Awards).

Some of her cultural dancers have done projects with musicians to name a few such as the world famous Soukous Stars USA, Bouro Mpela, Samba Mapangala, Docta Musica, Top One Frisson, Shimita El Diego, Dodo Munoko, Jirbo Ntunta, Dany Engobo, Mr. Nice, Baga Bae Band, Jordan Kusa and many more. Her network of dances has managed to grow bigger every year competitively and a lot of ladies and men learning about her and her vision have decided to join and continue lifting up the culture through numerous auditions. As the group is getting ready to celebrate its three-year anniversary, she now has over 60 of the best cultural dancers in the United States alone and over 256 best cultural dancers worldwide. Her message is to empower ladies and men to keep an open mind, work hard to help others, believe in leadership that has a vision and that vision has to be communicated clearly and persuasively with PASSION.

So for all you in cultural Entertainment consider NabTry International Cultural Dancers in your events to make a difference. As always, keep in mind that the NabTry dancers are all about FUN, COURAGE, FLEXIBILITY, PASSION, and most importantly the VISION to go above and beyond expectations. So expect to see a lot of surprises from this committed CEO/Founder GRACE HAUKWA and her well-respected group NABTRY INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DANCERS!!!

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