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Dennis Njaria Kiarie

By Juliet Kwamboka (Toxic), 27 May, 2009

Dennis Njaria Kiarie at an early age of 25, is already an entrepreneur of an advertising company and a recording studio, all under the name Sneed Music & Entertainment Ltd. Established on the 8th of September 2005 up to has been a challenge for a young man like him, but hard work always pays. With an office based in Westlands. He has managed to set up the business and have it running for four years.


Nature of business:

SNEED was formed to explore opportunities in the advertising, music and media industry within Kenya, and East Africa. Established in September 2005, this young company has already secured relations with key agencies, corporate companies, music entrepreneurs as well as many talented musicians in Kenya. With more than 30 advertisement productions already aired on the radio and television networks, SNEED are actively contributing in the media and have more in the production phase. SNEED is also in the business of organising and planning of indoor and outdoor events, Public address system hire and DJ services.


Company Aim:

The SNEED aim is to have expertise in the professional production of music albums and videos, the maintenance and further development of the artiste's image, radio and television adverts, and for our products and services to appeal to the local and international markets. We are also in the business of composing and scripting commercials and jingles, movie soundtracks and documentaries for major brands and companies in Kenya & East Africa. The SNEED aim is to provide memorable events for our clients and good quality sound systems for public address functions.


Music and Audio Production:

SNEED will write or re-arrange the music for a song writer to produce a marketable product. Audio production also involves background music and soundtracks for movies, documentaries and short films.


Music Video production:

Once the song has been produced, SNEED will develop the Artistes video idea and create their vision into a high quality product which will appeal to the Artistes public using the latest technologies available.


Radio and TV Commercials:

Once a client brings a concept or requirement to us we will nurture this idea, developing it through to its completion. We can also script radio and TV commercials from scratch, and source the most desirable actor for the voiceover or role within the TV commercials. We pride ourselves on producing a high quality product which will have the desired impact on the public and therefore give the client the best value for money possible.


Brand Design and Printing:

At SNEED, we understand that the brand idea of a company is relative to its success and therefore strive to design a brand that will exceed the set expectations. From logo concept and design to Web sites, flyers, brochures and letter heads. We print using a variety of materials and have thus mastered the art of producing a constant high standard of quality.


Event Organizing and Public Address System Hire:

SNEED creates concepts and event budgets and executes them according to the clients' requirements. We intricately cater to our client's functions such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, office parties, anniversaries, cocktails, corporate launches and promotions to ensure that they are special and memorable.


Corporate Market:

Our Corporate based work ranges from Kenyan based companies, NGOs and other non profit making companies as well being sub-contracted by other advertising agencies. We provide the best solution by producing theme music and songs for their documentaries, TV shows and launches. Some of these services will include providing them with music systems and public address systems for their events. The advertising agencies which include Scanad, ADCC, Express Advertising and Thompson Kenya among others all lie in the corporate market which is also the most profitable.


Arts Market:

Our Arts based work involves the musicians located in Kenya and East Africa who wish to produce their music and music videos. These include urban youth who are greatly influenced by the urban music culture, hip hop being the most dominant music culture in the world. The Kenyan youth listen to such music and attend shows purchasing merchandise that we have produced. With both sexes in mind, SNEED aim to appeal to the youth who buy and use these products and services as a benefit to enrich the already dominant culture. Also in arts we provide sound and DJ services for jam sessions, road shows and more.


List of existing and potential customers, orders on hand and contracts


  • 1. Innscor Kenya - Galito's, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Eurocup Promotions and Bottomless Coca Cola radio advertisements
  • 2. Express Advertising - Eveready, PK Chewing Gum radio advertisements
  • 3. MCL Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising - Tusky's Radio Advertisements
  • 4. InCA Kenya - Theme song production for educational documentary
  • 5. Media Focus on Africa Foundation - Contract to produce a theme song for “Learn Without Fear Campaign”
  • 6. ADCC Advertising - Supabrite, Yojus advertisements
  • 7. Thomson Advertising - Scan Group - Smirnoff Uncompromised radio advertisements
  • 8. Dawa Ltd - Dawanol Radio advertisement
  • 9. Sarakasi Trust - KLM Account - Production of 2 Peace songs and music videos
  • 10. Redsky Advertising - Safaricom Radio Productions
  • 11. Writeon Advertising - INCAS Flour radio productions, Story Moja Audio Books
  • 12. Y & R Advertising - Metro FM and Flashcom Radio advertisements


  • 1. Harry Kimani - Album Production and music videos
  • 2. Chiwawa - Album production, music videos and publishing
  • 3. Abbas - Single music production
  • 4. Mercy Myra - Single music production
  • 5. Weekly talent show at Kangemi Social Hall


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Mailing Address:
Sneed Music & Entertainment Ltd
P.O. Box 70877-00400
Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile: +254 072 2985954 / +254 073 5864449