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» Sneed Music & Entertainment Ltd
Dennis Njaria Kiarie at an early age of 25, is already an entrepreneur of an advertising company and a recording studio, all under the name Sneed Music & Entertainment Ltd. Established on the 8th of September 2005 up to has been a challenge for a young man like him, but hard work always pays. With an office based in Westlands. He has managed to set up the business and have it running for four years.

By Juliet Kwamboka (Toxic), 27 May, 2009
» Toxic Dancers
Toxic Dancers are a dance troop started in the year 2007 by a young entrepreneur named Juliet Kwamboka also known as Toxic. Born in November 1988, toxic has always had a passion of dancing even during her childhood years. Hence after clearing with her high school education on the year 2006, she started her own company and named it after herself. Toxic won an award at the Annual Chaguo La Teeniz Awards...

By Juliet Kwamboka (Toxic), 23 May, 2009
» NabTry International Cultural Dancers
Grace continues to dedicate her time to build African culture and she has created a strong force of network dancers to be able to help musicians find back up cultural dancers for not only music videos but also for concerts and cultural events such as weddings, parties, cultural spokesperson etc. In overall Grace took NabTry and her own experiences through a magical love for performance and inner personal power.

By Grace Haukwa, 8 July, 2007
» A Kenyan Woman With A Vision
While Pauline acknowledges a handout does not guarantee a route out of poverty, she urges East African leaders to prioritise the issue of child poverty and create a child benefit system. She also urges general well-wishers to do what they can to make life better for themselves and not forgetting the vulnerable. She explained, "Once in poverty, children often stay in poverty well into adult life.

By Pauline Long, 24 June, 2007
» Mau Mau University Clothing Co.
My story is to some extent ordinary, typical Kenyan middle class story. Go to school, study hard, pass your exams and after your degree you will get a job and live happily ever after. What happens when at 15 you realise that there is another story to life. A different way to live, living a different life then the one that has been drummed up in your mind throughout your entire life?

By Kevin Ombija, 1 June, 2007