Kenyan Art

Computer & Sketch Artist

Tony Opee

By Rosemell Opee, 28 October, 2007

Tony Opee was born in Mombasa, Africa in December of 1983. He moved to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi where he resided with his family until he moved to the United States in April 1998. As long as he could remember, Tony was always fascinated with the concepts of computers. Recalling memories of clicking the mouse, typing on the keyboard and just playing around, Tony never realizing that one day that his dream of being the next electronic pioneer would transform into an actual profession.

Growing up and making such a cultural and physical transition to the United States was both scary but mostly exciting for Tony and his family. Getting the opportunities that he only heard of started to take shape and becoming a reality, something he has yet to forget.

As a teenager in Pinole Valley High School, Tony got a real start, excelling in his computer art skills as well as other subjects, taking advantage of all resources available to him and learning as much as he could.

After graduating in 2001, Tony and his family moved to Sacramento, CA. where he attended American River College. On campus he was involved as a board member of the African Student Association, where he helped lead students to bridge the gap of African and American cultures through holding events both in ARC and collaborating with Sacramento State University. Then he received employment with the Department of Transportation as a students assistant, through his technical knowledge, he was able to become a great asset to the company, where he worked for two years. After four years, Tony graduated with an Associates degree and was accepted to San Jose State University, one of the top animation schools in the nation.

He moved to San Jose, went to school and worked as an office manager at the Sunnyvale Adventist Church. According to his employer, “he [was] known for his high proficiency with Apple computers and relevant software, combined with his previous (CalTrans) employer's glowing recommendations for being a fast learner, team player and an innovative problem solver.”

Unfortunately due to his status as a full-time student, Tony was unable to keep his job and go to school concurrently. Today, Tony is currently taking art and computer courses in San Jose State.


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