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By Essy Wambui, 10 July, 2007

Art is what gives breath to many aspects of life. Its diversity and complexity makes it hard to really bring out the true meaning of the word.

From Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Poetry, Graphic / Web Development, just to name a few, the passion for creating something new and better never ends. It is a great pleasure to see results born out of the imagination, from an idea conjured up in the mind sometimes on the most random of moments.

“Be it wild, calm, explosive, conservative etc. It is always an artist's agony as to how the audience will respond to the work created. So anxiety and anticipation always accompanies every unveiling of artwork.” But these are just the sentiments of one Esther Wambui.

Born and raised in Kenya, Esther has had her share of ups and downs just like everybody else - times when moving on from great setbacks along the path of life seemed hard and rather impossible. But there is always that thing that is kept her ticking, kept her going.

“You can never know enough. So I like to keep rediscovering new things. Walking by the streets and seeing something I have done always gives me this deep satisfaction.”

With an urge to write, she has gone ahead to write a couple of poems, some for people when being straightforward seemed cliché and others just for personal pleasure. “Writing poetry for me captures that moment and time when the words were created and put down, and referring to these poems after a while feels like opening a portal to another world and another time that I lived.”

“I get my inspiration mostly from nature, the things that happen around me and the people who are in my circle. Music and sports aside, just sitting on my computer, coming up with new concepts and themes for different items just makes my day. And of course the poetry! It has not been easy but looking back at the days gone, I cannot help but thank God for the far he has brought me, the doors he has opened along my path, the people he has brought along my way and the future he holds in store for me. Like I always say, - So far, so good.”




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