» The Other Tribes
Name is Clarice Otieno; born in a family of four, started acting at a young age, she started doing poems in class 4, and later developed an interest in Entertainment, she later joined and participated in the school drama team. Her dreams did not stop there, when she enrolled in high school, she did the same and scooped herself several awards including first runners up best actress, and best actress awards.

By Clarice Otieno, 17 July, 2015
» Lovebird
Multi-talented artist Miriam Chemmoss hails from East-Africa. She spent her formative years between Tanzania and Kenya where she was steeped in a potent brew of her family’s diverse African, European and Middle-Eastern cultural heritage. As a teen, Miriam was involved in theatre and music programmes in every school she attended – close to 10 schools – as a result of frequent relocation due to her father’s military career.

By Meet Kenyans, 24 May, 2014
» Pauline Long Empowerment And Mentoring Club
Recently awarded two (2) Lifetime Achievement awards by UKAA and HUHO, Pauline Long is a Kenyan born UK based entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, mentor, motivational speaker, writer, Music video director/producer and TV presenter. Pauline Long's positive role modelling has also earned her the highest African Recognition Honour and Heroic Award, alongside Her Excellency the President of...

By Meet Kenyans, 12 May, 2014
» His Inspiring Untold Story Exclusive
I don't know about you, but I remember the days when I used to go to the village (shags) to cucus-grandma's (R.I.P.) of my father's side to stay with her for weeks in some thatched-old-school mud house. For breakfast we had to drink black tea Turungi aka True Tea aka black tea. With the tea, she would peel me off a dome of a Duma (Yam) and Gwaci (Sweet-Potato) from lunch the day before and had to munch on that till I finished.

By Bethuel Mbugua, 25 May, 2009
» Toxic Dancers
Toxic Dancers are a dance troop started in the year 2007 by a young entrepreneur named Juliet Kwamboka also known as Toxic. Born in November 1988, toxic has always had a passion of dancing even during her childhood years. Hence after clearing with her high school education on the year 2006, she started her own company and named it after herself. Toxic won an award at the Annual Chaguo La Teeniz Awards...

By Juliet Kwamboka (Toxic), 23 May, 2009
» Interview with Rap Artiste: MC Patow
MC Patow, another rapper who hales from Kenya in Nairobi city. MC Patow has worked with such artistes as Doobeez, Wawesh, Willy G, Shaki and Kentai. Not to mention he has been a good friend since we first met in 2006 in Nairobi, later in Nanyuki MC Patow was at my wedding 14th of July 2006. Thank you for being there bro! MC Patow has presented himself with a unique style, defiantly different from others...

By Meet Kenyans, 14 March, 2009
» Exclusive Online Interview: Boomba Clan
One of the most entertaining groups to come out of East Africa in Kenya is no other than Boomba Clan. Since the first time I was in Kenya to be married in 2006. I heard the sounds of Boomba Clan on the radio, television, nightclubs and dining out in restaurants with the smashing hit "Chonga Viazi." Their style reminded me of solo singer - comedian "Weird Al Yankovic" from the US.

By Meet Kenyans, 3 March, 2009
» Victoria Njau
Twenty-three years ago I was born to a Luo mother and a Kikuyu father. But it was my mother who raised me. I grew up in a small village whose culture consisted of traditional rituals and taboos. The outside world was non-existent. But slowly I found myself introduced to the ways of the modern world. My educational journey started out with me attending one of the most prestigious schools in Kenya.

By Victoria Njau, 6 September, 2008
» Rachel Marete
I am very much honoured to be participating in this year's Miss Africa USA 2007 pageant especially because it helps bring out beautiful, young and ambitious African women who will subsequently shape the way for others by having bright futures. It is also a great opportunity to showcase to America the beauty and greatness that is Africa in helping to conquer the stereotype...

By Lady Kate Njeuma, 14 September, 2007
» Kawangware or “Ungwaro”
It's a perfect comparison between the ones who have and those who lack. From the peace and quiet, nicely mowed green lawns, tall trees swaying gently to the evening breeze, few people walking around on the smooth tarmac pavements with no traffic with loud noises from hooting vehicles, dilapidated roads, half-naked malnutrition children screaming, hawkers calling for customer attention, masses of people...

By Esau “Jim” Okumu, 7 September, 2007
» Canvas Artist of Nanyuki
Robert Githui, thirty years old, place of birth is Nyeri District Central Province. Marital status widower and has three children. Career Artist, Inspiration from primary and secondary school teachers up to College. Type of arts: abstract, realism, (All based on Commercial/Business purpose). Materials used oil media on canvas, challenges in art few no clients, materials, media exposure.

By Robert Githui, 1 June, 2007