About Meet Kenyans

Most Web sites about Kenya deal with travel information, and they lack information on what makes Kenya such a wonderful place, which is the Kenyan people themselves.

Meet Kenyans is the place where Kenyans speak for themselves.

Instead of hearing about their stories through a non-Kenyan, such as the a-typical "mzungu" who will believe all too often that Kenyans are not capable in telling their own stories.

Meet Kenyans is where you will read and about Kenyans sharing their own thoughts, experiences, ideas, aspirations, and more.

You will read stories about Kenyans who run their own place of business, creating music, looking for higher education, Kenyans living in the Diaspora, Kenyans who want to connect with other Kenyans.

This Web site is dedicated to all Kenyans the world over!

“Kenya is not just about Lions, Giraffes and fast running men, it is also about Studios and Hip-Hop!”
(Tedd Josiah - Music Producer)
Hip-Hop Colony

Unlike the European and North American media who promote rubbish in an effort to make everyone believe Africa is worst than what it actually is.

There are almost just as many people in the United States with HIV/AIDS than in Africa; the West refuses to talk about the out of control HIV/AIDS epidemic in through the enitre collection of Western nations.

Their attention has been turned to look at Africa for those minorities who suffer from the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Fact: more people die in Africa from Malaria than from HIV/AIDS!

Fact: more people die in Africa from poverty than from Malaria!

Kenya is a beautiful country with many University graduates and humbled citizens young and older, and many diverse culture(s) throughout.

Kenya is also home to 42 native tribes some well known like the Maasai do to films such as, "The Ghost and the Darkness" starring (Val Kilmer) and (Michael Douglas).

As of 2017, this is the first and only Web site of its kind on the Internet since 2007, concept created in 2006.